Cutting Tools

Small Blades 

Fastcut produces a wide range of diamond circular saws to process all kind of natural and agglomerated stone. Fastcut saw blades are featured by high application versatility, durability and outstanding cutting performance.

The segments are optimized to grant an immediate true running of the saws as well as smooth and clear cuts. The Fastcut table- and bridge saw blades guarantee reliability and cost saving. Fastcut provides specific cutting solutions based on the stone processed (granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and agglomerated stone). Our application engineer is able to suggest the right specification with the proper segment's structure for any cutting requirement.

Fastcut produces segments with various shapes, i.e. parallel and conical shape with conventional design, sandwich and multilayer design.

Multi Blades 

When compared to similar tools currently available in the market, Fastcut multiblades boast higher accuracy and cutting performances to meet all market requirements.

Taking advantage from a leading experience and know-how in the field of top quality diamond tools, Fastcut has optimized this selective product line to grant a fast and smooth cutting of granite blocks in relation to the critical factors involved in this application, such as stone material, cutting machine and environmental conditions.

The result is a very dependable blade featured by an optimal matching of cutting capability and tool life time.

Fastcut multiblades are reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for a production of stripes and tiles starting from any sort of multi-discs (upto 100 blades) machines.

Block Saws 

Process Granite, Marble/Limestone ans Sandstone with Fastcut diamond block saws segments means the following for you:

Clearly improved price/performance ratio due to the new sandwich system of the segments fulfills the demands made today on a diamond tool for deep cutting in soft stone.

The use of highly efficient bond systems in connection with diamond grain quality guarantees Cost-saving cutting operations and Optimal exploitation of tool and machine performance

For cutting of abrasive stone also natural diamond is used because it's particularly suitable for specific operations due to its special grit-shape.

Our technicians all over the world are at the customer's disposal for retipping, determination of parameters and the initial operation of block saws.

World-wide up-to-date know-how regarding applications gives you decisive advantages particularly for difficult tasks. For the cutting of very abrasive materials both the segment width and the core thickness can be modified as required.